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Michael “Firing gun” Jørgensen (It-manager)

The dude who tries to connect all the pieces and make a living hell for all others. The guy with an extra monitor and a trail of half dead developers pointing to his desk. This is the guy you need to talk to if something important comes up.

He is looking forward to meeting you :-)

Quote: It’s not a bug – it’s an undocumented feature.

Andrii “Tron” TKach (Developer)

The ”Tron” dude, where speed and technology is in the picture.

Loves all forms of development and exciting challenges. Responsible for the design, development and testing of WinKAS API.

Quote: Lets make the software world a better place.

Kim “Zero” Christensen (Developer/Designer)

Graphics, Gui and Code Behind.

Kim is equally happy when pushing pixels or fiddling with code. (As long as there is a Coke Zero within easy reach!)

Quote: I wonder what happens if I change this line…

Dennis “Old School” Langthjem (Developer)

Strive to make it as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Lost track around the 10th programming language, but still want to learn more. Loves a challenge, and has yet to be hit by a bullet from the “Firing gun”.

Quote: “Binary – It’s as easy as 01, 10, 11”

Thomas “tooy” Larsen (Designer)

Graphics, design and awesomeness.

Thomas loves to be creative and take a design to the next level, doesn’t matter if it’s print, web, video or 3D. If you got a crazy idea, I’m always ready to discuss it.


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