Introduction - Whitepaper - WinKAS A/S

Introduction -WinKAS API

WinKAS A/S develops 2 systems which are named:

  • WinKAS Pro. System for Municipalities (Windows based)
  • WinKAS Air. System for associations and organizations (Web based).

NB: This is not adequate in all cases.

The 2 systems have the common property that they both use the same database architecture and therefore WinKAS API addresses both systems.

Production and testing

WinKAS uses the following “urls” to distinguish between production and testing:

  • Production:
  • Test:

Read more about WinKAS Test system here:


With the authorization for WinKAS API, a “ContractID” must be used – this is the current pointer to the correct system. Read more about authorization at the following link:



Price per. month Ex. VAT

Integration external bookingsystems


Integration from access control systems


Integration from info screen systems


Integration from sensor systems

  • Camera systems


General integration

  • Websites
  • Webshops
  • Excel / ODBC
  • Etc


NB: Price is charged to the owner of the WinKAS system to which an integration is made…..


WinKAS API currently has a number of integrators in various areas and the list can be seen in the list below:
List of API Integrators