Introduction - Whitepaper - WinKAS A/S

The “White paper”

As a developer I will try to present you to our goals, ideas and hopefully in the end be able to persuade you to be part of our developer network.

As WinKAS developers – we just love to work with all the “New” stuff and have fun while we tryout all the nasty things in frameworks, libraries etc etc. This doesn’t mean that we can´t work professional, but just that we work under the policies “A happy developer is a productive developer”.

The “Persuade” part.

We hope that we can persuade you to be part of our developer network because we really want to cooperate with you and maybe “Make a better software world”. We hope that we together can create a fantastic “live” integration, so users never ever again will have to ask for better integrations.

The benefit for you and us:

  • Two ways referencessystem. (*1)
  • Live integration
  • Developer friends.

We will also provide you with all the material that you need to work with our API and we are more than willing to listen to good ideas from you.

We just hope that you will join us :-)

The “Educating” part.

As I wrote above – we offer you all the help we can give and the following is some of the obvious elements:

  • Start-up assistance.
  • Acces to forum.
  • Developer – News mail.
  • API Documentation.
  • In the future, some videos.

We hope that you, we and all of us together can create a network, where we can discuss, talk and have some nice brainstorms regarding future development. We are completely open for new ideas, so please bring it on…. :-)

(*1) SalesdepartmentWe have been informed by our sales team, that they would love to have you on our webpage (, where we can and will reference to your site and also make a small description regarding our nice cooperation and integration.

Our sale team in the field – will also create some nice product sheets regarding your product and present these for new customers (If needed)

We will “of course” expect the same from you – “The more the merrier” :-)

(You reference your customers to us, and we references ours to you)

WinKAS Salesteam