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“Thanks for your interest in my project. I am deeply impressed by yours positivity and openness”.:-)

Regards Anders – Dynamikfabrikken


At WinKAS we are very proud to be in the cloud … You are probably to, but we are forgetting something here …Our users do not think so much about whether we are in the cloud or not, but whether we can work together in the cloud?

So lets dance…

Let us make the software world a better place – Let´s cloud together..

IT-Manager Michael Jørgensen


We have developed an API for you to use, and hope we together can make the software world a better place to be :-)

We therefore invite you into our developer cave, where you have the opportunity to get:

  • Startup assistance.
  • Access to forum.
  • Developer News mail.
  • API Documentation.

Please don´t forget – The cooperation with a super cool developer team from WinKAS.


In case you have technical questions or need to brainstorm about App-ideas, then contact our IT-Manager.